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The most interesting sights
- Kamieniec (Каменец)
St Demetrius Martyr Orthodox Church - Krzyczew
St Michael Orthodox Church ( - Czersk (Черск)
Orthodox Church of St Nikita - Kostomłoty
This small, wooden church, with an aisle over which there is a steeple with an onion-shaped helmet has been a...
- Czarnawczyce (Czernawczicy; Чернавчицы)
St Onufry Monastery - Jabłeczna
This unique monastery was founded in 15th c. and neither any war nor other historical events have discontinued its life...
Holy Rosary Mother’s Church - Ortel Królewski
Its the most beautiful wooden temple in the south Podlasie. It is so exceptional that it is worth visiting this...
St Ann’s Church - Biała Podlaska
Hero Fortress. - Brześć (Briest; Брест)
The main entrance is in the shape of a five-arm star. The complex includes Bravery Monument, a 100-metre obelisk in...
Market square - Biała Podlaska
Picturesque market square in Biała Podlaska.
Viewpoint - Gnojno
One of the most picturesque views of the Bug valley.
Horse stud - Janów Podlaski
The very horses may be watched in the meadows. The “streets” of the stud complex are worth walking. The best...
Steeple - Biała Podlaska


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